European Society’s Award Winning Publication

EUREKA magazine deals in the politics, arts and culture of modern Europe, showcasing some of the finest journalistic and photographic talent on UCL campus. Having received the UCLU award for Best Society Publication 2010/11 and 2012/13, we are looking forward to another year of high quality student comment and debate.

We are particularly interested in encouraging those with little background in writing and photography to see EUREKA as a platform for gaining confidence and experience. One issue per term is published and is freely available all over UCL campus, as well as online, and so is ideal for budding journalists who want to put their ideas out there.

To get involved you can get in touch with us via e-mail or facebook – in the mean time, please check out our December issue by clicking one the picture on the right.

EUREKA editors: Nadia Badaoui & Kalle Dramstad

View and download previous editions of Eureka here:

Edition View Download
Dec 2012 View Flash [ISSUU] PDF [27MB]
Dec 2011 View Flash [ISSUU] PDF[13.6MB]
Dec 2010 View Flash [ISSUU] PDF[8.6MB]
Mar 2010 View Flash [ISSUU] PDF[6.6MB]
Dec 2009 View Flash [ISSUU] PDF[8.5MB]
Jan 2008 View Flash PDF[2.1MB]

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